Cape Cod Style House

Cape Cod homes are an incredibly common staple of American living.…
July 29, 2020/by Bungalow Company

Cottage Style Homes

When most people think of cottage style homes, they picture…
July 29, 2020/by Bungalow Company

Mediterranean Style Homes

Inspired by the luxurious style of seaside resorts, Mediterranean…
July 29, 2020/by Bungalow Company

Victorian Style House

For more than two hundred years, Victorian houses have been…
July 29, 2020/by Bungalow Company

Spanish Style Homes

Spanish style homes are a familiar sight in warm, coastal regions…
July 29, 2020/by Bungalow Company

Tudor Style House

Tudor is one of the most recognizable home styles you’ll see…
July 29, 2020/by Bungalow Company

Mid-Century Modern Homes

In the 20th century, home design and real estate both took a…
July 29, 2020/by Bungalow Company


While it can refer to an architectural style, many people associate…
April 13, 2020/by Bungalow Company
Large ranch covered porch with flowers


The ranch house defines the mid-century modern look. From the…
April 9, 2020/by Bungalow Company
Contemporary living room and wooden stairs

Contemporary Style House

For a lot of people, finding an exact definition that fits the…
April 6, 2020/by Bungalow Company
Rendering of modern farmhouse front elevation

Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style practically defines the late 2010s.…
April 1, 2020/by Bungalow Company
Transitional style home

Transitional Style

As a marriage between contemporary and traditional architecture,…
March 30, 2020/by Bungalow Company


For small families, couples, or just people living by themselves,…
March 27, 2020/by Bungalow Company

House Styles

Whether it’s the modern homes that pop up in every subdivision…
March 25, 2020/by Bungalow Company
The Fir Exterior - Front Elevation


As one of the most popular house styles across the countries,…
March 25, 2020/by Bungalow Company

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