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How much will it cost to build a house?

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Every region, state and town has unique soil, snow, wind and seismic conditions that require specific structural design solutions. The International Residential Code (IRC) is the most recognized building code in the United States and is designed as the “cookbook “ for residential design. The IRC has many prescriptive design solutions that do not require the use of a structural engineer, if you stay within the confines of the code.

The majority of our houses do not fall entirely within the confines of the IRC, therefore require that a certified structural engineer, calculate, review and stamp the structural design of the building.

We believe structural engineering is an investment in your project and when coordinated by our staff of designers can often simplify the structural design, aide in the coordination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and save money time and effort in the permit and construction process.

The building code is a minimum standard and we believe your home deserves more, which is why we have partnered with the experts at Eclipse Engineering for our structural engineering services. Eclipse has successfully engineered hundreds of projects with the Bungalow Company throughout the United States.

Eclipse Engineering

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Absolutely! Should you need to modify a house plan that you purchase from the Bungalow Company, we offer digital data CAD files (for an additional charge) that your local architect/designer may use to make the changes you require.

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