I’m reaching out to you to discuss some things on our minds at the Bungalow Company and Gladu Design.

To varying degrees, we have all been impacted by the global pandemic. I’m hopeful that this letter finds you and your loved ones in good health and spirits.

Many of us are at home, thinking about home, valuing home, trying to make sense of things. And even though these are scary and uncertain times, they may be the right time to think about how you want to live.

What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about your life and how you work from home, care for extended family, cook for weeks on end?

I believe a renewed sense of independence is on the horizon. Our home Is our school, office, kitchen, restaurant, movie theater, etc… How do we capture the moments in this unique time and inform the future of design, not with fear but with inspiration?

Here is our invitation to you:

If you are at a place where you are considering your home now or in the future, I would like to offer a free video consultation for both custom home designs from Gladu Design or pre-designed stock plans from the Bungalow Company.  A time to talk through your ideas about home now in a way that might inform home design moving forward.

Our office is fortunate in that we can work remotely and are working at full capacity. We’d like to extend a little of that to you.

Not being able to gauge interest, I can’t say that I can get to everyone, but we will do our best to schedule time with anyone who would like to discuss potential home plans or the process of designing a new home.

If you are interested, simply reply to this email and we’ll get in touch to schedule a time to chat.

Be well.

Christian Gladu
Gladu Design & Bungalow Company