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Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style practically defines the late 2010s. This eclectic style borrows from the comfort of shabby chic and country, along with a few useful industrial pieces. The design is far from being pretty but instead is loaded with a look best described as subdued.  When you walk into a modern farmhouse, your first […]


The ranch house defines the mid-century modern look. From the California ranch to the sprawling midwestern beauties in the suburbs of Chicago, the ranch-style house is iconic. These are the homes that met the needs of growing post-war families in the 1940s and 1950s. As soldiers returned from World War II and began to settle […]

House Styles

Whether it’s the modern homes that pop up in every subdivision to the log cabins nestled in the woods, there are plenty of different ways to build a home. Narrowing the list down to a favorite can be a challenge—especially since many people underestimate how many house styles there are, to begin with. From Craftsman […]


For small families, couples, or just people living by themselves, the bungalow home has been a popular choice for years. Rather than imposing structure that could require hours of daily maintenance, Bungalows are often much cozier for a more intimate living experience.  However, understanding what unique features that make up the bungalow style can be […]

Contemporary Style House

For a lot of people, finding an exact definition that fits the term “contemporary” can be challenging. Whether it’s contemporary music, arts, or culture, the term is always changing and adapting to fit modern standards.  When it comes to a contemporary style house, there’s still room for flexibility in the definition, but there are also […]


As one of the most popular house styles across the countries, Craftsman-style homes have a rich history that continues into the present. For people that might be interested in purchasing a Craftsman house or adding on to the home they’ve already purchased, it’s important to understand what makes the Craftsman style so unique.  Click here […]


While it can refer to an architectural style, many people associate the term “farmhouse” with function rather than design or certain type of home decor. Calling a home a farmhouse is more likely to tell where its location and how practical the house will be rather than its specific architectural elements. However, it can also […]

Transitional Style

As a marriage between contemporary and traditional architecture, furniture, and design, the transitional style is a distinct combination. While transitional homes have been popular across the country, many homeowners still struggle to find a definition that fits the transitional style.  For people that might be considering buying a home or already own one but are […]

Building a House: A Checklist

Why go to the trouble of building your own home? The answer is simple: because it ensures that your home will meet the wants and needs of you and your family. Better yet, living there will be FUN! While building a home is well worth the effort, it is also a complex and challenging process to navigate. […]