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Cape Cod Style House

Cape Cod homes are an incredibly common staple of American living. Regardless of which city you go to, you will see them. They’re the embodiment of the American dream: incredibly flexible, easy and inexpensive to build (and live in), and attractive to the eye. Practicality is the name of the game for Cape Cod homes. […]

Cottage Style Homes

When most people think of cottage style homes, they picture something out of a fairy tale. Cottages are one of the coziest and most charming styles of home available around the globe. People who are looking to add onto their home or downsize to a cottage should know what makes cottage style homes such a […]

Mediterranean Style Homes

Inspired by the luxurious style of seaside resorts, Mediterranean style homes are popular in many coastal neighborhoods. They evoke feelings of warm nights and cool breezes along the Mediterranean sea. Anyone thinking about moving into a Mediterranean house or converting their current place should know what sets this unique architectural style apart. Click here to […]

Victorian Style House

For more than two hundred years, Victorian houses have been a staple in countless neighborhoods thanks to their whimsical yet grand appearance. For those thinking about purchasing a Victorian home, it’s essential to know what sets a Victorian style house apart. Click here to learn about other House Styles. The History of the Victorian Style Victorian […]

Spanish Style Homes

Spanish style homes are a familiar sight in warm, coastal regions of the Southwest. They offer a rustic yet elegant look reminiscent of the early Colonial dwellings built by the first Spanish settlers. As Spanish style homes continue to gain popularity in the real estate market, more and more people are wondering just what sets […]

Tudor Style House

Tudor is one of the most recognizable home styles you’ll see today. They also have a rich history that goes back hundreds of years. While they’re not an especially popular housing style, they have their share of cult followers, and they’re memorable enough that you probably remember seeing one before.  Click here to learn about […]

Mid-Century Modern Homes

In the 20th century, home design and real estate both took a turn for the different. Mid-century homes were the result of advances in building and the desire to create something new and different. Instead of bringing art into the house like previous design movements, the mid-century modern style movement aimed to remodel the home […]

Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style practically defines the late 2010s. This eclectic style borrows from the comfort of shabby chic and country, along with a few useful industrial pieces. The design is far from being pretty but instead is loaded with a look best described as subdued.  When you walk into a modern farmhouse, your first […]


The ranch house defines the mid-century modern look. From the California ranch to the sprawling midwestern beauties in the suburbs of Chicago, the ranch-style house is iconic. These are the homes that met the needs of growing post-war families in the 1940s and 1950s. As soldiers returned from World War II and began to settle […]

House Styles

Whether it’s the modern homes that pop up in every subdivision to the log cabins nestled in the woods, there are plenty of different ways to build a home. Narrowing the list down to a favorite can be a challenge—especially since many people underestimate how many house styles there are, to begin with. From Craftsman […]