are you ready to buy a plan

First, the most important questions:

1. Do you own a piece of land? Or are you looking for one?

Before you purchase a house plan, you need to own land or be looking for a lot to buy. We’re happy to work with you to determine the best plan for your lot. Call or e-mail us any time.

2. Have you developed a construction budget?

Keep in mind that construction loans have different terms than buying an existing home – often requiring very good credit and 20% to 25% down. Here is a Quick Reference Guide about residential construction costs that you may want to print.

What you need to know about your lot:

Lot Characteristics

  1. Location of North on the site
  2. Lot dimensions
  3. Building setbacks, lot coverage, building height, method of measuring building height
  4. Lot access
  5. Character of the lot: flat, sloped (if so, which way is it sloped?)
  6. Natural features: What on the site do you want to preserve? (Hint** Identify the best part of the site, and don’t put the house there. Choose a house that allows you to connect and preserve that part of the site)
  7. What is allowed on your site by the governing jurisdiction, your subdivision cc&rs, by your historical district. etc.
  8. Is the house served by public utilities or is water and sewer on site? (This affects the building area and location of the lot.)
  9. Prevailing weather pattens