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{Video} Talking LED Lighting and Lighting Design with Rejuvenation Inc.

In this video conversation, Christian Gladu, founder of the Bungalow Company and Jerry Huettmann, Rejuvenation’s National Director, Trade, discuss the future of lighting: LED lighting for the home and how it has evolved; and the importance of creating a custom lighting plan for your home to enhance the way you live. Rejuvenation Inc. and the Bungalow […]

Small House Plans and Daring to Downsize

In many American communities, there is a trend toward smaller homes. Individuals and families are shedding larger homes and opting for smaller, more efficient spaces, claiming a real and perceived mental and economic cost savings. When we buy a house, we also acquire a debt for 15-30 years, sometimes more. The struggle to pay the […]

{Video} Design Philosophy: Two Successful Designers Share Their Perspectives

When two successful designers decide to share ideas, it’s not your average conversation. In this Google Hangout, Nawal Motawi, founder of Motawi Tileworks, and Christian Gladu, founder of The Bungalow Company, share design philosophies, swap stories, and have a few laughs. Nawal’s motto to her design team might surprise you as will the fact that she […]

{Video} How Custom Cabinetry Can Transform Your Home

If you want to understand how custom kitchen cabinets and other custom cabinetry can enhance your entire home, and even pay for themselves in longevity, you’ll love this Google Hangout, with Christian Gladu of The Bungalow Company and Tamara Raymond of Crown Point Cabinetry. Can’t watch the video? Listen to the podcast.   Christian: Welcome to our […]

Greening the Bungalow

Standing the Test of Time Smaller residences require fewer resources to build, less energy to run, and work in harmony with the land; this ultimately creates a flexible housing stock that will grow with our culture and be a solid framework for future generations.  Even the most well-intentioned or best constructed home, with the most […]

Craftsman Style House Plans – Anatomy and Exterior Elements

To recognize Craftsman style house plans, it helps to understand their exterior anatomy and interior elements as well. In the diagram below you’ll find the typical elements of Craftsman Bungalows: windows and door trim, columns, roof, siding and windows (click image to enlarge): Growing out of the earth, the Craftsman Bungalow is an extension of […]