When you first met your husband you were setting his collar bone. The second time you met him you were putting a pin in his tibia. When he next came in with a dislocated shoulder, it was love at third site. On your wedding day there were numerous jokes made about the perfect union between a professional hockey player and an orthopedist.

Now the two of you and Hannah, your 7-year-old, who can’t decide whether she wants to become a professional hockey player or the doctor who fixes their bones when she grows up, have moved to a neighborhood closer to the hospital and the best schools in town. You’ve deconstructed and recycled a home and built your dream bungalow in its place.

You love the fact that the kitchen, dining room and study all open to the backyard so when your daughter and the neighborhood kids are playing, you can make sure no one is up to no good.

The built in nook fits your mother’s antique hutch perfectly, much to your husband’s chagrin. Sorry, but there was no way you were putting a trophy case there.

The built in bookcases in the living room house some of your recent trials and errors from the pottery class you take on weekends. You can’t understand how you can completely reconstruct a femur bone but can’t for the life of you make an un-lopsided bowl.

You love going up the L shape stairs every day and looking at the window half way up. You’re not supposed to know as it’s “their secret,” but the windowsill is where your husband and Hannah leave little notes and gifts for each other.

Perhaps the thing you love best about the house is the fact the laundry room is on the second floor. This has made it tremendously easy to get your husband to help with the laundry. Hey, if he can get a little puck into a net from 50 feet away, he can walk 10 feet and place his own filthy, sweaty clothes in the washer.

The Jack and Jill bedrooms will come in handy as well. Hannah’s in the one, but according to the test you took this morning, you have another little hockey player or bone doctor on the way, and the second bedroom will soon become a nursery.

First Floor


Second Floor


The Tumalo