Along with our Bungalow and Craftsman Style house plan collection, we are introducing a collection of 2 Modern Farmhouse plans.

The Shenandoah embodies all that is practical and elegant from the original American Farm Houses that pattern small towns and rural farms coast to coast. We have reinterpreted the elegant simplicity in a manner that celebrates the history while creating a frame work for the next century and beyond. Designed to work with today’s durable timely materials: large roofs ready for solar panels, 2×6 walls ready for state-of-the-art insulation and rooms sized to work with today’s furniture dimensions.
The Mt Adams: For those looking to embrace a modern house and lifestyle in a timeless design, the Mt. Adams encompasses strong farmhouse traditions with a modern take on floor plan and layout. Using more industrial materials creates a visual bridge between the past and the future, reinforcing the clean and confident lines that have made the Farmhouse an American classic. She is truly and Old Soul in a new dress.