You remember childhood being different. When you were a kid, you spent your weekends playing and exploring in the backyard or riding your bike around the neighborhood. You didn’t have every single second of your life scheduled with endless activities, play dates and sports. But times have changed and your own kids now have every single second of their lives scheduled with endless activities, play dates and sports.

In an effort to bring some sense of tranquility to your family’s life, you picked up and moved from Seattle to the quiet suburb of Bainbridge Island where you built your dream Bungalow home. Unlike your old Bungalow, which was dark and narrow, this new one is light and has an open kitchen to dining room connection which you love, despite the fact it allows your usually-filthy boys to run through the entire house much easier. As does the wide central stairwell and the interconnected circulation of the home.

At least you have a mudroom now where cleats are mandatorily removed and soccer balls put away.

While you appreciate the openness of your home, your husband, who’s a kid at heart, appreciates the fact you let him install his favorite pinball machine in the upstairs playroom where, at least 3 nights a week, he delights in kicking your children’s behinds in Earthshaker.

You all love the fact that you can walk to the ferry from your home and, on one of those rare weekends when there isn’t soccer practice or an actual game, you take a leisurely stroll (calling after your kids to stop running ahead so far) to the ferry that will take you into Seattle where you’ll continue to yell at your kids to stop running ahead so far.

First Floor

Winslow_First Floor_Plan

Second Floor

Winslow_Second Floor_Plan

The Winslow