You and your husband decided to move to San Francisco to be closer to your daughter and grandkids. You found the perfect lot in Cole Valley and recycled the existing house so you could build your dream Bungalow. You adore spending time with your daughter and her family, and luckily your husband and her husband get along famously.

Truth be told, there is quite a bit of friendly competition between the husbands no matter what the sport or game. Luckily your house has a mudroom right off of the garage where he can deposit his sweat soaked clothes in the washer and even grab a quick shower before entering the kitchen to raid the refrigerator. When he comes home after playing basketball or tennis with a man 20 years his junior, he eats like the teenage boy he once was.

He recently announced he was considering joining his son-in-law’s rugby team, and that would, no doubt, lead to various broken bones. Yes, you’ll have to nix that idea immediately.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are all open to each other making the space airy and inviting. Apparently it also makes the space perfect for your husband and son-in-law to set up their putting competition.

The large basement was finished and turned into a combo media room and game room, and many nights your husband and son-in-law can be found down there battling it out with ping pong, darts, gin rummy or Grand Theft Auto. You once caught them in the second floor sitting room having a fierce game of Battle Ship which lasted close to two hours.

You must admit, though, all of the manly competition isn’t completely annoying. You can’t help but feel a bit of a flush, like in the old days, when your husband comes home sweaty and victorious.

First Floor

Kitsap First Floor - Floor Plan

Second Floor

Kitsap Second Floor - Floor Plan Reverse

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