Bungalows are about personality — your personality.

Great Homes Start with Careful Planning.

When budgeting for a new home, design fees may appear as a luxury. However, building on budget, on time, and without undo stress, requires that you and the builder are clear on the plans, specifications and schedule to build your new home.

More Than a Pretty Picture

Plans and specifications are part of the contract; so when you build a new home, if a detail is missing from the plan it is possible that you will not get what you are expecting. The work and money required to develop a clear set of plans and specifications is outweighed by the efficiency and professionalism in which your project will be perceived and executed.

Who Needs a Plan?

There are potentially one hundred people involved in the construction of a new home; for things to go as planned it’s important that everyone is on the same page. The plans are what your construction contract is based on and they are the specifications and directions to build your new home.

Building officials, suppliers, subcontractors and lending institutions all need information from the plans; so the more clear the information the fewer questions, conflicts and delays you can expect. Suppliers and subcontractors develop bids and pricing from the plans and specifications so the more complete the work the more accurate your budget. Detailed upfront planning will make for a less stressful building process and ensure that in the end your home is everything you desired.

Make it Your Own

At the Bungalow Company we understand the difference between a House and a Home is the meaning it has of the people who live in it. We are here to help you transform our house plans into your home. We will adapt and tailor any of our designs to meet your lifestyle, site and budget.

Most of our clients purchase existing plans as a starting point, and add their own touches. The cost of modifying an existing plan varies based on the extent and complexity of the changes. We are happy to speak with you about the costs. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail anytime. Once we have had a chance to speak, we will create a custom fee proposal based on your wish list of modifications.