10 Questions for Colorhouse Paint’s Puji Sherer

If you don't know Colorhouse Paint, please let us introduce you.…
September 14, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Color Inspiration for Different Bungalow Interiors

September 10, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Choosing Bungalow Interior Color Palettes with Colorhouse Paint

September 8, 2015/by Bungalow Company
The Olympic Theater

Craftsman Bungalows with Classic Exteriors and Contemporary Interiors

We all know the cliché, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Though…
August 4, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Once Reviled, Now Revered: The Craftsman Bungalow

Craftsman Style Bungalows are a favorite among homebuyers,…
July 7, 2015/by Bungalow Company

20 Year Reunion of Bungalow Company Homes!

June 9, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Building A Custom Home? Hiring a Builder, Setting a Budget, Allowances, Lien Releases and More

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May 26, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Jacob and Emily Update – They’ve Broken Ground!

We're following the home building process with Jacob and Emily.…
May 11, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Deconstruct, Don’t Destroy

It's not a new idea to use something once and then repurpose…
April 3, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Trusted Builder: Duey Brothers, Bend Oregon

We've worked with Duey Brothers, Inc. on a number of projects…
March 20, 2015/by Bungalow Company
Transitional style home - The Tahoe

What Is a Transitional Bungalow?

So what is a transitional bungalow? And why offer anything other…
February 24, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Meet Jacob, Emily and their family – They’re Building The Tumalo

January 8, 2015/by Bungalow Company

Rejuvenation Inc. Factory Tour – Creating Period Reproduction Lighting and Hardware: Part 2

Several members of the Bungalow Company enjoyed a tour of the…
December 19, 2014/by Bungalow Company

Behind the Scenes at Rejuvenation Inc. Part 1 – Restoration

You've seen the beautiful lighting and hardware from Rejuvenation…
December 12, 2014/by Bungalow Company

Meet Janice and Paul – They’re Building the Bungalow of their Dreams!

It's exciting to follow the journey of someone who has decided…
December 4, 2014/by Bungalow Company

Inside Look: Lighting Consultation with Rejuvenation

You may have noticed that the Bungalow Company does not include generic…
November 12, 2014/by Bungalow Company

77 Things You Should Consider When Building A New Home

Many people dream of building a new home. There are so many things…
October 9, 2014/by Bungalow Company

{Video} Talking LED Lighting and Lighting Design with Rejuvenation Inc.

In this video conversation, Christian Gladu, founder of the Bungalow…
September 4, 2014/by Christian Gladu

10 Questions for Rejuvenation Inc.’s Jerry Huettmann

You're probably familiar with Rejuvenation, Inc. for their stunning, period…
August 28, 2014/by Bungalow Company
woman sitting in room where the furniture is too small

12 Decorating Tips for Small Homes

Decorating and furnishing a small house can be a challenge, but…
August 26, 2014/by Bungalow Company
The Fir Master Bedroom

14 Space Saving Tips for Small Homes

It’s true of anything that the less you have, the more valuable…
August 20, 2014/by Bungalow Company

Relief and Challenges: Living in a Small House, You’ll Find Both

Let me share some numbers with you. According to the U.S. Census,…
August 13, 2014/by Bungalow Company

Small House Plans with Porches – Why It Makes Sense.

Over the last few decades America has become a country of backyard…
August 6, 2014/by Bungalow Company

Live Large in a Small House with an Open Floor Plan

For many Americans, home is a relatively small house with a closed…
July 30, 2014/by Bungalow Company

Small House Plans and Daring to Downsize

In many American communities, there is a trend toward smaller…
July 16, 2014/by Christian Gladu